One Simple Tip To Stop Yelling

How to stop yelling at the kids. One simple tip.

Shhhh. I have a little secret (two, actually). Well, it’s not much of a secret to my upstairs and downstairs neighbors. Fortunately, they are also parents of small children, and quite understanding. It is kind of an embarrassing secret since I am such a big proponent of positive parenting. You’ve figured out by now that… Keep Reading →

Thankful Coloring Pages to Start a Conversation

Printable thankful cards to color for Thanksgiving.

Yesterday’s gratitude wall would be a great way to use these adorable, printable thankful coloring pages from Melanie Hope Greenberg.  Print this page out, along with Melanie’s Thanksgiving place cards and your kids will have 8 different designs to use for either thankful cards or place cards at the dinner table. Download and Print –> (By… Keep Reading →

Thankful Tradition: Gratitude Wall #PirateThanksgiving

Thankful tradition and snack time with the kids

This “Share Yarr Tradition” conversation is sponsored by Pirate’s Booty. It is a tradition in our home every November to discuss the things in our lives for which we are thankful. I try to also turn it into a creative exercise. It all started one year with our Thankful Tree, in which my then 3… Keep Reading →

Fine Motor Activity: LEGO Head Rescue

Fine motor activity using therapy putty and LEGO minifigures.

I must admit, this LEGO head fine motor activity that my son has been doing every day with therapy putty for the last few weeks has me laughing every time. There’s just something so funny about LEGO heads to me! Is that weird? I have written before about my youngest son’s struggle with his fine… Keep Reading →

Children’s Books Parents Actually Buy (and 3 They Should)

A list of popular children's book that parents buy for their kids. Good gift ideas.

I recommend a lot of books during the course of a year! Except for my month off in July, I published a new children’s book list every Monday. (See the index of all my children’s book lists here.) At the end of the year I am fascinated to see which recommended books parents actually decide… Keep Reading →

Top 10 STEM Gifts with Books to Match

S.T.E.M gift guide for kids

STEM learning is a big deal in our home. My boys are math and science oriented and I like to encourage their imagination in that respect so their focus doesn’t stay on “just the facts”. Every year I create a book and toy combination gift guide and this year I am focusing on STEM gifts…. Keep Reading →

9 Super Duper Easy Holiday Crafts for Kids

Easy Christmas crafts for kids

Long time followers of this blog (wave!) know that I am not a huge holiday crafter. It takes most of my holiday energy just to get up our gingerbread house (from a kit, thank you very much) each year (which we usually do after Christmas!). Most of the time I’d rather pick up a holiday… Keep Reading →

10 Picture Books for 6 Year Olds (and up!)

10 picture books to read to older kids

Often, once a child can read independently, or he or she can sit though a chapter book, parents (including me) may let picture books sit in the “to read” pile a little too long. I’m a huge advocate of reading picture books to older kids and my (almost) 6 year old is certainly a big fan of… Keep Reading →