(Our) Best Books of 2015 (Part 1)

Our family choices for best books of 2015. Part 1.

I haven’t been making as many picture book lists as I used to, although we still do read many, many picture books. I’ve learned that my chapter book lists are more popular with you, and I aim to serve the masses. I’m still quite obsessed with reading as many newly published books as I can…
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Game of the Month: Zeus on the Loose

Zeus on the Loose game. Fun family game for math learning.

On a whim this winter, while the kids were stuck inside claiming boredom of the highest degree, I purchased Zeus on the Loose card game. It turned out to be an enormous hit and I love the way it helps my 6 year old practice his math skills. Of course, I had to make it a…
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Classic Summer Reading List for Tweens

Classic summer reading books for kids ages 8-12.

Your kids might not view summer as the idea moment for delving into a classic novel full of unfamiliar vocabulary and situations. I would argue, however, that it’s the ideal time, when they can take their time and read slowly, ask questions, and have leisurely discussions about the story if they so desire. I’ve included books…
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Library Coloring Page (and Summer Reading Log)

Library coloring page, free printable. Plus a free summer reading log.

Does your child love books and trips to the library? Melanie Hope Greenberg’s latest free coloring sheet is this darling library coloring page. Bonus: you can also print out the companion page to use either as a summer reading log or a blank canvas for free drawing. Perhaps your child would like to draw a picture…
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Creative Journal Ideas for Kids

Tips and creative journal ideas for kids.

I’ve shared in the past how keeping a journal is an important part of my life and that I’ve attempted to instill in my kids a love of journaling. My experience of journaling with the kids has had its ups and downs and I want to share what I’ve tried, our successes and failures. I’ll…
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9 Read Aloud Books for Summer

Read aloud books for the summer that everyone will love.

This is the third year in a row I’ve made summer reading lists. I really enjoy planning out books to share with my kids. You can see my previous summer reading chapter read alouds here. Lately I’ve been trying hard to find read aloud books that will appeal to both of my kids. It is…
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All You Need for a DIY Summer Science Camp

DIY science camp for kids

Last summer the boys and I created our own DIY summer science camp. It was very casual and so simple, and the boys always asked, “What are we going to try this week?” Every week, we did a new science experiment and shared them in collaboration with Megan at Coffee Cups and Crayons. For your…
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