Simple Play Activity: Throw Rocks

Simple nature play is sometimes the most entertaining things my kids can do. Remember when my kids were fascinated for hours with thin ice? Even messing about with acorns keeps their attention. One of my kids’ favorite things to do is throw rocks into water. I bet your kids love it, too.

Simple activities for kids are also the most entertaining.

There’s a lot of pressure on us bloggers to constantly come up with original ideas. I’m not very good at originality, most of the ideas I share with your are not that complicated (that’s sort of the point, actually) and many a day goes by when all I do is let my kids entertain themselves (that’s also the point, actually). Personally, I’d rather sit down for an hour while my kids throw rocks in the water or roll down a hill than make a paper plate craft (well, I’d rather do most things than make a paper plate craft – that’s just not me).

Of course I can’t help but say “be careful” and when we do this in the city (yup, you can experience nature in NYC). I add the caveat to watch out for others. But for the most part, I just sit back and watch.

Wonderful, simple, entertaining free play outdoor activity.

I could go on about how this simple play activity also teaches a bit of science learning about things like gravity, force, trajectory, etc, but that’s not really the point (just a bonus!).

You wouldn’t think watching your kids throwing stuff would be relaxing, but it is!

Do your kids like to throw rocks into the water?

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    This summer our street and driveway are getting entirely repaved. As an in between stage our driveway was FULL of rocks of all sizes. We packed a grocery bag full and headed to the local creek. Such fun! One of my must enduring kid memories is of a time we went on a picnic and found a stream (river?) to throw rocks in. In the middle of the river was an open toilet seat. I didn’t think about how it shouldn’t be there; my siblings and I just noticed it was the perfect target for our rocks. Kept us busy a looong time, and I’m sure my mom just sat and watched. :)

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