Game of the Month: Yamslam

My kids and I have been playing a lot of Yamslam lately, so it was a natural choice for our game of the month series. Yamslam shares a few traits with the classic game Yahtzee, but it’s much better for playing with children.

Yamslam is a fun family game, a bit of a riff of Yahtzee but much better for kids.

{This is an unsponsored post. Yamslam was a family gift from a relative. Affiliate links are included below.}

Yamslam is primarily a game of chance but there is some strategy involved, especially if players want to earn bonus points. A bit of math skill is required at the end when points are added.

How to play Yamslam:

Players have three chances to roll specific dice combinations, such as a full house, a straight, 3 of a kind, etc. Depending on the final roll combination, players earn points and collect the appropriate chips. Play continues until all the chips have been distributed.

Tips for playing Yamslam with Kids:

  • The official age recommendation is 8 and up. Family game time is important to us so I’m happy to report that my almost 5 year old (aka “New Kid”) can play with us.
  • When we play Yamslam with New Kid, I make sure we stop after each roll and discuss with him what he might like to shoot for. For example, he might roll a 3, 4, 4, 2, 6. I point out that he has 1 pair and an almost-straight. Would he like to attempt to go for 2 pair or a straight? He makes a decision and then rolls accordingly. Game play does take longer than this.
  • When you play with younger kids, be sure to continue to point out which chips they have and make suggestions for what dice combinations will earn them the most points or possible bonuses at the end.
  • We often play games without scoring, but Yamslam in the exception. It could be argued that it’s rather pointless (pun) to play without scoring.

Have you played Yamslam? What do you think of it?

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