10 Peanut Butter Sandwich Ideas

Peanut butter sandwich ideas without jelly

Packing school lunches every day is the only thing I don’t enjoy about the kids going back to school! I am not very creative when it comes to lunch ideas and last year my kids ate a lot of peanut butter sandwiches. Neither of my boys, however, like jelly. That’s fine with me — I don’t really like it either and I’d just as soon they avoid the added sugar. Long time readers (XOXO) know I gave up sugar a few years ago (my kids still indulge sometimes).

One thing I did manage was to switch up the sandwich add-ins so their lunches weren’t quite so boring. Occasionally I use almond or hazelnut butter, even sunflower seed butter, but I’m a bit cheap frugal and so we like peanut butter best. It’s also a staple in a couple of our easy, healthy after school snacks.

Have you tried any of these recipe variations on an old classic?

1. Slice up and add in dried dates, or other dried fruit. Dried pears, apples, raisins or currants also work.

2. Sprinkle with coconut flakes. (Personally, I detest coconut, but my kids love it.) Coconut combines well with dates, too.

3. Add sliced up bananas, apples or pears. Try any fruit you like!

4. Spread raw honey on one of the bread slices. Yes, honey adds sugar, but raw honey has other benefits. You could also use maple syrup, but mix it into the nut butter or it becomes too runny.

5. Sprinkle granola on top of nut butter  (granola will add sugar in case you are trying to avoid that). This also goes well with added fresh fruit slices!

6. Sprinkle extra nuts on the peanut butter. Dyan from And Next Comes L told me her kids like hemp seeds! Also try chia seeds

7. Add apple, pumpkin  or pear butter. I make batches of fruit butter every fall in my crock pot (yes, with a bit of sugar). Include granola or fresh fruit to make it extra yummy.

8. Add sliced pickle. (It sounds totally gross to me, but my kids like pickles with everything.)

9. Sprinkle in some dark chocolate chips. (Again, this obviously adds sugar. I don’t do this because my youngest is a chocoholic and if I did it once he would demand it every time. Perhaps your children are more measured in their approach to chocolate.)

10.  Mix in some cream cheese. When I asked my fellow kid bloggers to help round out my list (apparently I was neglectful and have only tried 9 variations) both Mom Endeavors and No Twiddle Twaddle suggested cream cheese. I bet New Kid would love it, he is a huge cream cheese fan.

What’s your favorite nut butter sandwich add in? But more importantly, how do you like your nut butter: crunchy or smooth?

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  1. says

    an idea (if you liked jelly) that we like is to slather one side with soft butter then add jelly on top of that. This creates a barrier that keeps the bread from getting soggy, esp. if you make it the night before.

  2. Jen says

    Wow – I don’t know any Australian school where peanut butter is allowed. I wish my kids could bring nuts to school – it would make my school lunch preparation so much easier!

    • Erica MomandKiddo says

      A lot of school here also ban peanut butter. We’re not allowed to bring class snack which contain nuts of any kind, but kids can have it in their personal lunch. I’m actually surprised to hear that peanut butter is widely eaten in Australia. When I lived in England, my friends found the idea of peanut butter revolting. I know Australia and England aren’t the same but there are some similarities in food – Marmite comes to mind… :)

      • says

        Ah.. but Marmite pales in comparison to either of the Australian ‘mites’, Vegemite or Promite. Australia has seen a steady ‘Americanisation’ over the past couple of decades, in food, sport, language. 90% of the TV we see is American. So peanut butter has grown in popularity.

        My favourite sweet peanut butter sandwiches are with banana, honey and cinnamon, or apple and sultanas. But my absolute favourite PB sandwich is with PB, whole seed mustard, (must be spread and blended through the pb), tomato slices and crispy iceberg lettuce. I know it sounds weird, but it’s AWESOME.

    • Erica MomandKiddo says

      I completely agree with you about pb and pickle. I cannot bring myself to try it. The kids like it, but it just seems… ew.

  3. says

    These are great suggestions! I’ve heard of a couple, but these are wonderfully creative, helping add variety, in general. Thanks! :) My son is grown and married, but grandkids will come along and, of course, I didn’t fall in love with peanut butter ’til I was an adult, sooooo…. 😀

  4. Anne says

    A popular sandwich at a restaurant nearby is the “Bluffernutter”. Crunchy peanut butter, homemade marshmallow fluff (a light layer), and BACON. It sounds so disgusting, but is so, so good.

  5. Nina says

    My three year old suggested PB and honey to us the other day and now that’s his choice of sandwich. Apparently he got the idea from one of his classmates!

  6. Jody says

    Peanut butter banana and pickle was the big thing when my cousins and I were younger. Again it sounds revolting but it was delicious.

  7. jane ringler says

    My favorite peanutbutter sandwich is pb, mayonnaise, and lettuce. You just have to try it. I promise it is the bomb!

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