Reading Tips from The Children’s Bookshelf

Most parents want to raise kids who love books, but it’s the truth that we all get overwhelmed at some point and could use a few useful tips and pointers when we are stuck in a reading rut.

Tips for  Reading with kids

Fortunately, there were several great reading tips posts linked up to last week’s The Children’s Bookshelf.

In addition, there were some fun book lists, like a list of books featuring the Animals of Australia, a list of books featuring the letter “T”, and the most clicked post, 25 Must-Have Books for Preschoolers.

Do you have any practical reading tips to add? How do you stay inspired to make sure your read aloud to your kids everyday?

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  1. says

    These are some great tips!

    I’m all for having lots of books in the house. When I visited a friend of mine who went to Harvard — I was amazed by how many books he had in his house. You couldn’t sit down without a stack of books being readily available. So, that’s what I’m aspiring to do with my son. Books, books, everywhere books!

    • Erica MomandKiddo says

      Agree! Book everywhere. It’s easy to do also, if you are not so good at taking back library books. :)

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