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I know my round-ups of the previous week’s links to The Children’s Bookshelf is always such a hodgepodge collection. But that’s because I am drawn to so many different types of ideas myself. I also try to mix it up so I can introduce you to different bloggers each week. This week be sure to check out some of the Easter book and activity ideas if you celebrate that holiday. There were even more linked up last week so pop on back so you don’t miss anything.

The most clicked link last week was Growing Bookworms‘ post on Making Connections between Books and Everyday Life. She had some terrific tips in that post. I also especially emjoyed Sunlit Pages’ thoughtful review of this year’s Newbery winner, The One and Only Ivan. Sunlit Pages was on my list of Great Kids’ Book Blogs, so I recommend following her blog regularly!

Featured Links:

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    So neat to know that people were clicking through to my post about making connections between books and day to day life. I’ve had some nice discussion on the post. It’s especially interesting to me to know what people find useful 😉 Thanks!

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