Mini Sensory Bin Play

Mini sensory bin play for kids

Mini Sensory Bin for Kids

Sensory bins are all the rage! If you Google “sensory bins for kids” you will get an enormous variety of ideas: valentine sensory bins, messy sensory bins, birthday sensory bins, the list goes on. It’s enough to overload your … um… senses. (Oh, come on! I had to say that!)

As creative as all those sensory bin ideas are, however, sometimes simple is best. Or rather, lazy is best. Because lazy is what I was when I came across this small bucket of rice mixed with letters and numbers in the closet. It had been sitting in there since Kiddo used to play the Sift -n-Spell game.

New Kid loves to run his hand through the rice, looking for letters, telling me what he finds and spilling a little  on the floor (just being honest). I love sensory bins because they keep New Kid busy and I appreciate a mini bin because it means less rice to vacuum up.

If you are not sure why you should give your kids a sensory bin, read A Purpose Driven Home’s post: Sensory Bins: What’s the Point?

And if you love sensory bins and need 85 more ideas, not only are you way more motivated that I am, but you should quickly click over to this Sensory Bin Pinterest Board!

Do you give your kids sensory bins?

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  1. We have a button bin.

    • Mom and Kiddo says:

      I love that idea, too. We don’t have enough buttons and I have been too lazy to get to the store to buy more!

  2. You can get them cheap at Oriental Trading!

  3. I *love* the idea of having smaller bins. Easier to store + less mess to clean up = more sensory bins!

    • Mom and Kiddo says:

      Yes, even though I regularly let my kids make a big mess, it is nice from time to time to just have a small mess.

  4. When I do rice activities…I set ourselves down in the middle of a big bed sheet which is spread out on the floor. Inevitable mess, but when finished, just frop the sheet together and the rice pools for easy scoop up and reuse.

  5. I agree that simple is often best. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. I enjoy creating elaborate, big sensory bins. But sometimes it just feels like too much to come up with something big. This post is a great reminder that kids can get just as much fun out of something small and simple as from something big and elaborate.

    • Mom and Kiddo says:

      I completely agree! And I fully admit that I am too lazy to put together all those awesome elaborate sensory bins.

  7. We do lots of mini sensory bins as well! Small plastic gladware containers work great for my 1 1/2 year old and your right, a one or two “ingredient” sensory bin is just as “sensory” as those elaborate bin setups!

  8. I love the idea of a mini sensory bin. I will have to try this idea!

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