Friday Links and Lovely Things {Mapping Edition}

Map on the side of a Brooklyn building

This map inspired me to dig out a few map activity links for you this week!
Neighborhood Find of the Week: One of my favorite things about living in a diverse city is that you discover all sorts of interesting public art. Look closely at this faux-transit map I saw on the side of a building.

Map Activity links of the week:

Book of the Week:

We frequently check out Transit Maps of the World to satisfy the hunger both my kids have for transit maps.

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  1. I love the photo!!!!

  2. Fantastic map! Is there a “true love” destination somewhere? Or only variations of unfulfillment?

    • Mom and Kiddo says:

      Good question. I didn’t notice (probably that says something about my inner cynic). The map does wrap slightly around the building so I’m going to check next time I walk past.

  3. That faux map is awesome!

  4. Adding my love of the map on the building! I love to see your photos of the city. And the map activities look fun- they would be fun to do with Carly.

  5. I love your eye for detail. New York City is amazing!

  6. Last night I listened to an old This American Life that was recently rebroadcast called “Mapping” and thought of you all!

  7. I love your neighbourhood photos.Would Kiddos enjoy maps from the UK?I can send you some :)

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