Friday Links & Lovely Things {Indoor Active Play Edition}

Playground equipment with Battle of Brooklyn map
Neighborhood Find of the Week:
Raise your hand if your playground equipment has a built in history lesson! Isn’t this cool?

Indoor Active Play Ideas of the Week:
It’s getting cold out and even if you can’t get to the playground your kids still need to get their wiggles out.

Blog of the Week:  If you have children aged 0-5 you will find In Lieu of Preschool really handy! And if you are a book lover, like me you should check out her book posts.

Book of the Week:
Chocolate Fever. I’ve been reading this classic book from 1972 out loud to both boys. It might just cure New Kid of his chocoholism. (That’s a word, right?)

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  1. Cool playground equipment. I think we read Chocolate Touch – a pretty dark book that Anna rejected mid stream.

  2. The girls definitely have had some stir-crazy days- the indoor obstacle course sounds like fun! Carly is also a chocoholic- I am so going to add that to our readaloud list.

    • Mom and Kiddo says:

      Kiddo likes the obstacle courses they do at school for Gym class, so I think this will be a fun activity for winter at home.

  3. That is an awesome thing to have at a playground!

    I love In Lieu of Preschool’s blog.

  4. Sorry for my late reply here. Thank you for featuring my post on big body play. I’ll be checking out other links too and so glad to discover your lovely blog!

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