Friday Links & Lovely Things {Literacy Tips Edition}

Mr. Mixie Dough by Vernon Grant
Vintage Book of the Week: When I opened a package from my mother this week and saw this book staring up at me I coudn’t believe I had ever forgotten it! Oh wonderful Mr. Mixie Dough! The author, Vernon Grant, created Snap! Crackle! and Pop! for Rice Krispies and in fact this book is quite valuable if it is good condition. My copy is decidedly not in good condition, which is handy, because it means I will never be tempted to sell it.

Literacy Posts of the Week:
In Tuesday’s post on how to find early chapter books for your kids  I confessed that mine were tips from the parenting trenches, not tips from a literacy expert. There are great literacy experts out there are here is what a few of them have to offer.

Community of the Week:
One of my blogging cohorts, No Twiddle Twaddle, started a G+ community, Great Books for Kids. I hope you will join us over there and contribute to our conversations about (you guessed it) great books for kids. But seriously: it’s a space for sharing book reviews, news, reading activities and more. It’s just getting off the ground and already we’ve had some fun discussions.

Books of the Week:
Mom: The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom. A league of Prince Charmings in action: so, so, soooooo funny.
Kiddo: Choose Your Own Adventure!! It brings back memories to see my son reading these. Also, I feel old.
New Kid: Everything Goes: In the Air. Everything, I tell ya.

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  1. Jenny says

    I would LOVE to have a copy of that book! I have a weakness for vintage books. Carly enjoyed Everything Goes too- finding the silly stuff and the birds in hats was lots of fun for her. I remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books too, so I’m old as well! :-)

    • Mom and Kiddo says

      I’m pretty sure my copy would sell for less (one of the pages just fell out!) than that but I’m never giving it up!

    • Mom and Kiddo says

      I shared it because I love “meeting” and chatting about books with everyone over there. It’s a great group of people.

  2. says

    How coincidental! Karina has recently discovered Choose Your Own Adventure books too, which made my husband all nostalgic, so she’s sharing her books with him. It’s funny to see them sitting, silently choosing their own adventures together.
    (Have you seen the history choose-your-own-adventure-ish books? They’re called You Choose Books and they have oodles of interactive history books to choose from. We’ve been using them in our history studies.)

    • Mom and Kiddo says

      I haven’t seen the You Choose books, yet. Our neighborhood branch library only had a handful of CYOA books on the shelf so we need to put in some hold requests.

  3. says

    We loved The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom. Choose your own adventure books sound great too! My son read the Worst Case Scenario chapter book series where you choose your ending, but we will try Choose Your Own too. Thanks for the book recs!

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