Game for One

solitaireI taught Kiddo how to play Solitaire and now there is no going back.

He loves it.

Now if he could just learn to shuffle the cards by himself…

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    • Mom and Kiddo says

      I suppose that is true, but we limit computer games and working with the cards is good for developing motor skills and visual-spatial awareness — much more beneficial for kids who need help with sensory issues.

      And I also admit to being old-fashioned about some things.

  1. says

    I recently taught my grandson this game, I don’t know how often he plays, but when I am there I usually play a game or two and I have helpers (his sister too). It is nice because he can play when “there is nothing to do”. I have been playing a lot more too. It teaches many things, including how to keep oneself busy.

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