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Menorah of the Week: Hanukkah starts tomorrow at sundown. Will you be lighting the menorah? New Kid would not keep his hands off the menorah in order for me to take a picture, but I like this one best, anyway. See the map on the windowsill? That is my DIY doily to catch wax drips.

Hanukkah Ideas of the Week:

Blog of the Week: Boy Mama Teacher Mama is written by a mom of two boys ages 3 & 6 (I can relate). This past week she’s has a few posts on Hanukkah, including this one on Hanukkah for Kids (it includes a handy printout for playing dreidel).

Video of the Week:

Next week Kiddo and I are going to see Mummenschanz! What? You’ve never heard of Mummenschanz? You are missing out, my friend. Forget The Nutcracker, this is the show you should see for the holidays:

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    Happy Hanukkah! Of course, we are going to be lighting the Menorah tomorrow and making latkes. I make mine in the magic bullet, and it works like, well, magic.

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