15 Fun Family Activities for Black Friday

Family time ideas for Black Friday! Much better than shopping at crowded malls.

15 Black Friday Alternatives to Shopping

I have always been amazed at the way Americans clamber for a great deal the day after Thanksgiving. I mean, did we really just spent a holiday expressing gratitude for family, friends, health and all the other non-material blessings in our lives only to wake up 3am to score a cheap TV! That is just nuts.

Today I invite you to prolong the spirit of Thanksgiving, put off holiday shopping for another day and spend some extra time with your family. If you just want to cozy up and watch an old movie and snack on popcorn, great. If you need a few extra ideas, feel free to snag one off my list.

Indoor and Outdoor Family Activities

  1. Start a family game night tradition and learn how to play a new game such as Qwirkle; or  classic game like Rummy or Backgammon.
  2. Work on a family tree and conduct family interviews. This is wonderful if you have gathered together with extended family for the holiday.
  3. Mix up a batch of soft pretzels and form them into letters to spell everyone’s name.
  4. Cover the dining table with butcher paper, get out the paints, crayons and markers and make free art family-style.
  5. Make family popsicle stick puppets and put on a puppet show.
  6. Take turns with the camera taking goofy pictures of each other.
  7. Make a giant marble run out of recyclable materials.
  8. Put together a 500 piece puzzle.
  9. Take a trip to the library and ask the librarians to recommend their favorite children’s books.
  10. Head to your neighborhood park to feed the ducks. Bring along uncooked oats instead of bread.
  11. Rake the leaves in the yard into a pile and take turns jumping in.
  12. Visit a local museum you’ve never been to and ask the docents to show you their favorite installations.
  13. Go bowling and think up wacky team names.
  14. Go ice skating if your local rinks are open.
  15. Visit your local State or National Park and go birdwatching. Take photos of the birds and start a hobby book.

fun family activites for black friday

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  1. Steph Emerson says

    How about “leave the kids at their grandparents’ house Thursday night and enjoy the quiet time all day Friday?” That’s what I’m doing :)

  2. says

    There are so many alternatives, aren’t there? We also put down butcher’s paper to do crafts on. There’s something about a big, blank space that is so appealing. My kids have always loved it! Have a nice weekend! 😀

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