Friday Links and Lovely Things

Neighborhood Find of the Week:

Don’t you love this mini library in a local playground? It’s designed to resemble the famed local brownstones. Anyone can borrow books and you can come and donate your books by leaving them in the little windows. Plus, I love the couple in the doorway. It’s all so cute and so Brooklyn.

Book Posts I Loved:

Food I Want To Make:

Crafts I Want To Try:

  • There are so many lovely autumn crafts out there and Pinterest is overflowing with them. This leaf and bead garland from Picklebums is definitely my favorite. I think the boys and I will make one while eating our homemade apple chips.

Blog of the Week:

  • All for the Boys: I love all the easygoing fun at this blog about things to do with boys. But don’t be afraid if you have girls, of course they can enjoy it all just as much.

Books We are Reading:

What caught your eye this week?

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