Best Children’s Books of 2012 (So Far) Part 3

Best Picture Books of 2012

I’m a little bit addicted to the new book section at the library and bookstore. Since I dread December when I have to choose only 10 books as our favorites of 2012, I have come up with the convenient solution of making multiple lists over the course of the year.

You can find all of our book lists for kids in one handy place but it’s so fun for me to tell you about books every Monday(and I’m really excited about the book post series I am going to start posting next week!), I hope you have fun reading them.

{Note: I’ve chosen all these books based on my own — and my kids’! Book titles and covers are affiliate links.}

Mom, It’s My First Day of Kindergarten! Lists of books about starting school are all the rage right now, add this one to your list. You won’t be sorry.
The Hueys in the New Sweater. Addresses the eternal question: If everyone is different aren’t they really the same? It’s a big, big question and one of our favorite authors, Oliver Jeffries, is just the person to tackle it.
How Many Jelly Beans? So many, the artist was thankful for the invention of digital illustration, that’s for sure.
Demolition. Rhyming noises, crashing trucks, destruction everywhere. What more does a kid need, really?
Chloe, Instead. A good choice for kids with new siblings, especially if they have gigantic eyes.
Chloe and the Lion. Authors and illustrators should disagree more often, since the results are hilarious.
Crafty Chloe. For every kid who ever tried to make a birthday present. SIDE NOTE: Are you sensing a pattern here? There was a Chloe in the last post, too. Hmmm.
Wumbers. It’s a number! It’s a word! It’s gr8!
A Bus Called Heaven. Wondrous things happen when a community rallies around a forgotten bus.
I’ll Save You Bobo! If you read the very funny, I Must Have Bobo! you will enjoy the next installment of the ongoing saga of Willy v. Earl the Cat.

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What new books have you enjoyed this year?

Book titles and covers are affiliate links.

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    I feel so out of touch with picture books these days. My kids have outgrown them although we still do read (and sometimes review) them. It seems that there are shelves and shelves of new picture books in the library and in the bookstore. I still find picture books to be eye-candy – I’ll probably still be flipping through them even when my kids are adults! lol

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