Rural Love

It’s been a challenge for me to keep up with this blog lately and you’ve probably been thinking the posts have not been all that useful lately, but I keep hoping that I can get back up to speed again soon.  Two weeks ago we spent a week in lovely rural Oregon where my father and his wife have a farm of sorts. Kiddo has been crying every night since we got back because he misses it so much. It really was a lovely week.

Observing Inchworms

Catching tadpoles

Plus, lots and lots of birdwatching


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  1. Looks like kid paradise :)

  2. Looks like my own kind of paradise. I would move to a farm tomorrow if hubs said Let's go!

  3. aly in va says:

    Sounds refreashing & peaceful.
    with regards to blogging, we all need a break from time to time :)

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