Winter Activities for Kids

The kids are getting antsy for snow and some of their favorite winter activities. We are looking forward to winter finally arriving!  It has been so warm, we have not yet had to resort to our Indoor Activities List since we can still head out to the park whenever we need to.

Creative winter activities for kids
Just in case some colder weather does arrive soon (and no doubt we will have some, at least), here are a few things we are looking forward to.

Winter Activities for Kids:

Make an ice wreath with your kids

Making Ice Wreaths (I’m totally addicted to making these and can’t wait for the temperature to drop! I love that they perk up the terrible view we have from our windows.)

Blow a frozen bubble - winter science for kids!

Blowing Frozen Bubbles (Fun winter science for kids!)

Indoor activity with kids during the winter: play with snow!

Playing with Snow Indoors (Almost as good as playing outdoors!)

Snowflakes with wikki sticks

Putting up Rainbow Snowflakes (great for fine motor practice, too.)

kid books about snow kids books for winter

Read favorite winter books!

It has not been cold enough to do any of these yet!! (Except the last two, of course).

How do you like to spend your winter days with the kids?

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  1. We made ice wreaths last year and I have been anxious to do it again, but with temps in the 50s and 60s here, it isn't possible yet!

    We like to make gifts for the birds and squirrels in the winter. I hope to do that soon.

  2. Going to San Francisco? Best time of the year to visit :) I hope true winter will come for you still.

  3. It was a lovely 68 degrees recently in the Old Dominion State…not sure if we'll be seeing ice wreaths anytime soon, but oh we'd LOVE to.

  4. Great ideas! The ice wreath is beautiful. I will put one ones that aren't already on our “must-do” list right on.

  5. We are having a hard time doing any freezing's been so hot!

  6. That ice wreath is so beautiful! I had never heard of doing anything like that.

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