Is It Winter Yet? Winter Activites Part II

Last week I shared some winter activities from this blog, now I share some interesting ideas that I have found on others’ blogs.

Snowflake resist watercolor grid @Art Projects For Kids

Ice Play @Teach Preschool

Ice Sculptures with salt and liquid watercolors @The Artful Parent

Maple Syrup Candy @Impress Your Kids

Ice Lanterns @Naturally Educational

Have you tried any of these? What are your favorite winter activities? I always love new ideas.

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  1. My favorite winter activity? Sitting with a book next to the fireplace! Fun ideas though!

  2. We haven't tried any of these! We do love bringing snow in to play =)

  3. “No Yard. No Car. No TV. Just a Tiny Apartment in the Big City and lots of Crazy.” I love that! And the ideas you've gathered and thought up for winter activities are great. I'm sure your children are missing out on NOTHING not having TV.

  4. Unfortunately, we don't have winter here, but I would love to play with the snow or just sit by the window waiting for the first snow drop! Is that considered an activity? :p
    Maybe not for you guys, but for us where we only see sun and rain, it definitely sounds like one, LOL:D

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