Indoor Balloon And Paddle Play

It’s still not cold enough to avoid the playground after school, but it does still get dark early, so while I have been recycling some ideas from my Indoor Activities for Kids list, I also found this great Balloon Tennis at Toddler Approved.

Step 1: Make Paddles. I found some plastic plates and taped two rulers to them.
Step 2: Blow up balloons. Blowing up balloon different sizes will make for a different ball play experience: a half-way blown up balloon is smaller and heavier that a full sized one which will stay aloft for longer.
Step 3: You, the parent, hand over the equipment and relax… as much as boisterous play in the near vicinity can allow you to relax.

NOTE: I feel compelled to say that this is not a game for which you need to rush out an buy materials. In fact, please don’t buy plastic plates. If I didn’t have these ages-old plates I would have made the paddles with sturdy cardboard from a box.

If you don’t have balloons look around to see what else you could use. My boys were lucky that we have a nearly full package of balloons since I will never buy them again — instead we would have used ping pong balls or figured something else out. After all, the boys’ current favorite game (which they play almost every day) is to play catch with their balled-up pajamas!

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  1. says

    Unrelated, but worth mentioning for humor's sake:

    All winter, Benjamin has balled up used white paper (on its way to the recycle pile) and has “snowball fights” indoors.

    And to think, other people's kids have Wii. HA HA. :)

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