Frozen Word Hunt

I first published this as a bath time activity, but when it’s 90 degrees out, why not take the frozen cube outside and watch it melt? Or chisel the toys and letters out? Someone asked where I got the letters. We have a set of these bath letters and numbers, but no need to buy something new! Just look around and use what you have. First published 08/11/09.

This is something I used to do all the time last year because the surprise factor helped Kiddo get in the tub when he was going through an “I hate baths!” phase. It’s really easy… just freeze some small toys in a plastic container. When you put it in the bath, the ice slowly melts to release the toys.I decided to try it again this year but with a literacy twist. Instead of freezing random objects I chose a couple of fish toys and the letters F I S H. Kiddo liked the idea of a scrambled word mystery and asked me to do it again for tomorrow’s bath.

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  1. Kiddo hates baths? Anna would spend hours there if she could. I guess it's a girl thing :)

  2. I need to remember to try this with my kids. Emma would enjoy the mystery version!

  3. LOVE this idea!!! I have frozen toys in ice for bath time, but never thought of this twist! Brilliant.

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