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Do you read holiday-themed books to your kids? I find that although I honestly don’t make much of an effort to do so, it seems to happen anyway.  Here are three books for kids appropriate for Presidents’ Day which are currently gracing our shelves.

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If I Were PresidentMadam PresidentBarack Obama: Out of Many, One (Step into Reading)

If I Were the President. I’m guessing most younger kids have only a vague understanding of what the President actually does. This book spells it out clearly and simply, but is not too boring.

Madam President. I love Lane Smith’s books, but in most of them I find the humor goes over the top of Kiddo’s head. This one, however, hits the mark. Hilariously funny for parents and kids.

Barak Obama: Out of Many One. Every time Kiddo picks up this easy reader he points to the cover and says, “Look mom, it’s Barak Obama.” Every. Time. Then he likes to tell me all the facts he’s learned about our current president.

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    Wilky the White House Cockroach, Mr. Lincoln's Whiskers (I think that's the name), George Washington's Teeth, Abe Lincoln Loved Animals, and a few more I can't remember for the life of me. The firts is really just totally awesome.

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    I have to look for the books you recommend. I wanted to look for Presidents' Day books, but somehow I wasn't sure that daughter will be interested in the presidents of the times long gone. Thanks for joining WMCIR!

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