A Few Valentine Books

There is still time to pick up a few Valentine Books at the library. Many of the Valentine Books I came across I felt were a bit…. meh. Plus, I’m just not a very sentimental person. I need irony. Here are three I liked reading aloud.

(Note: Book covers and titles are affiliate links)

The Ballad of Valentine (Picture Puffin Books)A Village Full of ValentinesDog Loves Books

The Ballad of Valentine. For those who love Trisha Tusa and singing (that’s me).
A Village Full of Valentines. Seven vignettes for those who appreciate quirky humor (Sigh, sadly that is not everyone).
Dog Loves Books. A Valentine to Book Lovers everywhere. (Okay, not technically a Valentine Book, but I wanted to sneak it in somehow.)

Are you loving any Valentine Books?

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    Thanks for joining WMCIR! I am not a big fan of Valentine's books either, and I am struggling to come up with a favorite. I think it would be The Day It Rained Hearts simply because it focuses on making something. We read Dog Loves Books – it's a great book!

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