Mom’s Bookshelf: Vol. 2

You wanted to know what else I’ve been reading, right? Since no doubt you do,”Mom’s Bookshelf” will make an appearance from time to time. Don’t worry, my reviews are always short and sweet.

(Note: Book  titles are affiliate links)

The Male Brain. Before I had kids I thought “gender-schmender.” Now I know: boys are crazy. But seriously, everyone with boys should read this. There are a few choice facts about the teenage boy brain you must know. I can’t tell you though, it would spoil the surprise.

Queen Emma and the Vikings. Pillage, plunder and the woman who survived it longest.

Pandora’s Seed. The intersection of genetics, ecology, disease, archaeology and agriculture. Fascinating. The author is an “explorer-in-residence” for the National Geographic Society. How awesome would that job be?

Deep Ancestry. By the same author as above. I am a sucker for a good genetic anthropology story. I also recommend Brian Sykes‘s books on the same topic.

No Wind of Blame. An English Country House is the perfect setting for a murder mystery.

The Perfect Scoop. Mmmmmm, ice cream.

I am Nujood, Age 10 and Divorced. I actually have it pretty easy.

Mistress of the Monarchy, the life of Katherine Swynford, the Duchess of Lancaster. I love a woman who can hold her own.

What have you been reading? You should tell me.

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