Indoor Winter Activity for Kids: Play with Snow Inside

Just because the snow is outside doesn’t mean you can’t play with it inside. A fun winter indoor activity for kids is to bring in a bucket of snow inside and play with it with it while it slowly melts.

Indoor activity with kids during the winter: play with snow!

Indoor Activity: Playing with Snow

A snowstorm passed over us dropping 10 (!) inches of snow on Monday. Kiddo was very disappointed that his mom would not brave gusty winds and a temps in the low 20s with a baby in order to take him sledding. It would have been fun. NYC has free sleds and hot cocoa in the parks on snow days. For consolation we had an indoor snow party. Kiddo made some delicious snow muffins. I thought it was hilarious he had to put on his mittens at one point.

They look yummy, right?

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  1. says

    Wow, NYC has free cocoa and sleds on snow days!!! That’s awesome! Anywhere I’ve lived (Kentucky and Georgia) the snow itself is the treat, since we get it so rarely (more rare in GA than KY, of course). The snow muffins look yummy.

  2. says

    I’m so jealous. We haven’t gotten a bit of snow this winter, and CJ wanted some so badly. She would have had a blast with the indoor snow too- great idea!


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